10 years ago we formed The E Street Shuffle with the idea that we wanted to create a Springsteen tribute band that not only sounded great and was true to the music, but also exhibited the kind of camaraderie and friendship that was evident with Bruce and the members of the E Street Band.

At that point we had no idea if we’d be successful, if places would want to book us or if people would want to come out and see us play, but we figured that if we were at least doing the music justice and had a great group of guys who were in it for the right reasons, that we’d have fun and maybe, just maybe we’d get something going. Well I’m happy to say that ten years and over 600 shows later we’re still going strong and still having a great time.

There are a lot of people along the way that deserve thanks, but first we’d like to thanks all of you good people who have come out over the years and supported the band by coming to our shows, singing along, calling out song requests, dancing like maniacs and telling your friends about us. The support we have gotten particularly in Monmouth County (which is our home base), has enabled us to stay in business and we can’t thank you enough. Special thank yous go out to Jay Silverman, Scott Kelly, Tim Harmon, Bobby Fahey, Chris Fahey, Joe Marchese, Scott Cronick, Matt Jugan, the Security Boys, Steve Marchiarullo, Tom Janarone and Rob Monte. We’d also like to the Shuffle wives and families for tolerating our crazy schedule and being so supportive. Thanks to Arlene Rudo for her beautiful artwork and designs over the years. Thanks to Dennis Loughlin, Mark Weiss and Lori Simeone for their wonderful band photography.

I’d like to thank Shuffle alumni Mike Radosti and Bill Shanker who were both instrumental in getting things off the ground during the early years of the band. Their enthusiasm and confidence in the band helped us forge ahead when our prospects were bleak. Thanks to Steve Lombardelli who gave it all he had even montauk-monster.com/pharmacy when battling a potentially deadly illness. Dan Cipriano, whose playing always leaves us simply speechless. Thanks to Tom Coughlin and Joe Bari for your playing, enthusiasm and generosity. And last but not least a huge thank you to the current members of The E Street Shuffle who have made this ride so far an absolute pleasure every step of the way. “Mr. Keyboard” Dave Turner whose brilliant playing, stage presence and positive outlook help the band stay right where it needs to be. Chris “The Pilot” Rudo who not only provides exceptional bass playing on a nightly basis, but also runs the soundboard on the majority of shows and provides a calming presence no matter the situation. Rich “The Hodder Express” Hodder who plays with more passion and intensity than anyone I’ve ever known and who believes in this music as if it were his religion. Mark “Mr. Perfect” Bistis who earned his nickname by being able to replicate the various different synthesizer, organ and keyboard parts in Springsteen’s music perfectly. Mark’s laid-back day-at-the-beach attitude and infectious smile compliment his wonderful playing perfectly. Danny “The Kid” Delaney, the new guy in the band whose passion for the music, versatility and good natured personality has been a breath of fresh air. “Hollywood” Ryan Loughlin, my brother and musical partner in crime since high school when he managed to convince me to get up and sing “Glory Days” and “My Hometown” in front of our whole school despite the fact that I’d never performed in front of anybody before. Without Ryan, there is no E Street Shuffle. He works tirelessly behind the scenes booking shows, negotiating and putting together contracts and brainstorming new ways to get the band out there. Onstage he brings the muscle and the power with his aggressive guitar playing and like “Mr. Perfect” has worked tirelessly to attain just the perfect tone for each and every song. Thank you guys for all that you do each and every night to help make this band great. Cheers to 10 great years and may there be many more!

-Sean Loughlin